Top Car Buyer in Midland: The Reasons Why We Are the Best!

Looking for a way to get some emergency cash? If you have an old car just taking up space in your garage, you can call cash for car removals Midland to get instant cash for it. You may not think the car has any value, but that’s not the case with us. We understand the value of the car’s individual parts, so we provide metal and auto parts. Why keep wasting space in your garage? Contact us today for instant cash!

Need Cash for a Junk Car?

Remember, you don’t have to sell the whole car to get cash. We know the cars of this area are not selling at the recent highs, so we are willing to take “junkers” as low as $1.00 per square foot. There is no limit to how many we will take.

Top Car Buyer in Midland: Our Burnout Line

When you have cash for a car, you will want to avoid having the car towed to a junkyard. That’s why we have our specialty car fire pit on the South Side of Midland in Lost Wages. But our customers can’t find the time to head over there. They want their money now. That’s why we are the Top Car Buyer in Midland. Cash for cars works!

Why We are the Best

This isn’t our first time running a cash for car operation. It’s actually our 5th year doing it. We take pride in our service. We never sell cars on the street.

recycle your vehicle

Why Choose Us For Your Car Buyer?

As the best car buying company in Midland, we offer many different services for your car purchases. Since we’ve been in business, we’ve collected many awards and accolades. If you are looking for a car for someone or yourself, we will look at all the details of your options and suggest the best car for you. When you’re not car shopping, you can look at all of our wonderful services and deals. We are your car buying and selling services and Midland’s local car dealer.

Sell Your Car to Us Today!

Are you looking for a better payment plan? Are you looking to upgrade your car? Can you use your car as a moving truck? We can get you answers to any of these questions. Our cars can be used as moving truck, delivery truck, business car, rental car or rented for a single night.

Our car rentals are a convenient solution for many consumers. You can easily get a one or two night rental of any makes and models. Renting your car will help you save some cash, and give you a better driving experience. The reason why we can get you a rental car is the availability of our own garage.

Our large amount of cars allows us to have the large inventory of rental vehicles. We are offering unlimited car rentals during peak time of the week. Your rental will be for a short duration of one to two days.

Metal and Auto Parts from Us!

When you have an old car, we’re the only source you can go to if you want to get some extra cash for it. We have a large inventory of old vehicles, ranging from classic cars to muscle cars. We have a lot of electronics in stock as well. Maybe you can make some money with these items, and use the rest for parts.

We’re the only spot you can get the cash for your car parts and we never hold anything over our heads. We don’t want to make you or anyone else feel pressured, so it doesn’t happen. All cars are 100% non-refundable, so we don’t need to worry about you calling us back and making an exchange for some reason. We offer an unmatched combination of price and quality, so if you’re looking for ways to sell your car, just call us.

Process of Selling a Car With Us

Contact Us Now

P.S. We’ve got to talk about the best way to get rid of your old vehicle. We buy old cars and sell them on eBay. The catch is you need to use the Auto Escrow company at Cash For Car Removals. You are definitely going to get your money back and the transaction is safe. Cash For Car Removal has given us a 1,000% money back guarantee, and that’s not the only thing we offer. It doesn’t matter if you need your car gone now or later, we can have it gone for you. That is why we have made a place on the list of the top car removals in Midland. We are the best at what we do. You deserve the best and that is exactly what we are going to deliver.

You can learn more about us and what we do here.


There are many car owners in Midland who are struggling to pay for their cars. We provide you with our auto parts program, and we help you make ends meet. Whether you need cash for your car or your car needs cash, there is no need to worry about a single payment. Call us today, and you can get instant cash for your car.

Call us today and you can get instant cash for your car!

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